Case Studies



CompLEEment-1 A patient information film

This new patient information film helps potential participants to decide whether they will join the CompLEEment-1 Study. The purpose of this study is to further learn about the safety and efficacy of ribociclib when added with standard treatment (letrozole) in HR+ HER2-negative advanced breast cancer patients who have had no prior hormonal treatment for advanced disease. The DVD will be given to patients by their oncologists or healthcare professional along with other trial information to help inform their decision.


DVD front cover



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Talking with Patients about Metastatic Bone Disease

This new set of educational materials illustrates different Metastatic Bone Disease (MBD) consultations with breast and prostate cancer patients. The scenarios show various ways a healthcare professional may discuss MBD with patients and are used as triggers to engage participants in discussion. The materials are currently being trialled with small groups of healthcare professionals in a workshop setting. You can read more about the workshops on our NEWS page.

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USB stick contains video of scenarios





STAR Clinical Trial

This is a randomised clinical trial examining planned treatment breaks in locally advanced/metastatic renal cancer. We produced a patient information DVD, that describes the trial in different sections, with graphics and comments from doctors, and nurses. Questions about the trial, where the Clinical Investigator for the study responds to questions of the trial from members of the public.

PulMiCC Clinical Trial

This is a randomised clinical trial and the acronym stands for Pulmonary Metastasectomy in Colorectal Cancer (PuLMiCC).

We developed two DVDs for this clinical trial.

One is a training DVD to help those describing the trial to potential patients. The other DVD is to supplement the patient's written information sheet. It has clear graphics and sections on explaining randomisation, the treatments and tests involved over the trial period. There are also clips with doctors explaining the surgical and clinical aspects of the trial.

Yoga DVD

Gentle yoga exercises for women following breast cancer surgery

We developed, with the help of members of the Brighton Breast Cancer Support Group, a yoga DVD specifically aimed at women with breast cancer. It comprises 2 discs:
Disc 1 has an introduction from Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield, a specialist in quality of life in breast cancer patients. She explains why women with breast cancer often have surgery to the armpit as well as the breast. There is also a short introduction to yoga from Mokshini, the yoga teacher, plus a section with her demonstrating each pose in a graduated way from basic to advanced level practice (levels 1-3).
Disc 2 is an hour-long class of yoga with women from the Brighton Breast Cancer Support Group who are of different ages and abilities.
Yoga DVD

MAP Foundation

Michele Angelo Petrone was a talented young artist whose career took a dramatic change in direction when he developed Hodgkin Disease when only 30 years old.

Whilst isolated for weeks in hospital receiving high dose chemotherapy, he decorated his room with paintings depicting the complex emotions that were engulfing him. Some of these paintings formed the basis for exhibitions and later Michele wrote prose to accompany his work which he performed in many places throughout the world and published in a book entitled 'The Emotional Cancer Journey'.

Sadly Michele's own journey ended with his death in 2007 but prior to that he set up the MAP Foundation to ensure that the workshops would continue well beyond his lifetime. This DVD is a tribute to Michele and hopefully captures the essence of one amazing individual's Emotional Cancer Journey.


Clinicians and Allied Health Care Professionals Communications Course

We run customised workshops for cancer teams engaged in clinical trial recruitment. The aims of the workshop - which can be run in a day - are to focus on methods of recruitment to a specific trial chosen by the team. We encourage all members of a team to join, from surgeons, oncologists, research nurses to specialist nurses, pharmacists and histo-pathologists.

The workshops are based on our own published research into the factors involved in the recruitment of patients to clinical trials. Also Professor Fallowfield is an expert in communication skills training on both a dyadic and team level.

Here are some quotes...

"The course has provided greater clarity and highlighted issues from the clinician and patient's perspective regarding difficulties that may impact on recruitment/ involvement." (Radiologist)

"It has made me aware of this trial better so that now I am confident that I can deal with any questions about the trial that come by my way." (Specialist nurse)

"Gives me a greater insight and understanding about the importance of excellent communication within the MDT and with the patient." (Surgeon)

"The workshop has really helped all the team look at how we recruit and consent patients to the trial." (Research nurse)